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                      Benefits of Energy Efficiency
There are significant benefits from employing greater energy efficiency.  Among them
•        Provides lower cost alternative to fossil fuel or renewable power generation
•        Reduction of fossil fuel consumption
•        Increase robustness of utility supply
•        Provides the resource at the customer site
•        Eliminates transmission line losses
•        Eliminates the need to assimilate distributed surplus green energy generation by
customers into general utility use by “reverse metering,” as well as the unpredictability
of that resource
•        Independent of variable or non-existent climactic conditions (e.g. sun, clouds,
•        Reduce carbon footprints, greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions
•        Exert deflationary effect on prices due to the price elasticity of demand
•        Provide jobs in engineering, electrical installation, maintenance, commissioning,
measurement and verification
•        National Security
•        Enhancement of security of energy supply
•        Improve trade deficits, nationally and statewide in energy short states
•        Provides societal benefits
Energy Efficiency as a Resource:
The cleanest and least expensive
energy resource
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